Production title: The Course Mate
Union / Non-Union: Non-Union
Production Type: Independent /
Project length: TV SERIES (I year)
Project format: 16:9 HD:
Production location: Lekki Lagos
Production Company: J-World ntertainment
Company website:
Director: Director J
Producer: Joseph King
Casting Director: Director J
Audition Location: Block 18, road 16, Lekki County Estate, Lekki Lagos
Shooting Location: Lagos
Compensation: YES


August 31, 2018 1:00 – 10:00 PM
September 1, 2018 1:00 – 10:00 PM
(Please note all auditions will be given a specific time within this window)

Call Backs: September 28th, 2018 6:00 – 10:00 PM

Shooting Starts: September 30, 2018

Shooting Ends: Oct 23, 2018

The Course mate is a series about Mary going through strong grief and her friends supporting her through the difficult time. She experiences several damages in her health and life through the grief caused by her parent’s death. Her friendship with her 3 friends is what keeps her strong throughout, but at some point she still gets pushed back into a serious point of grief through the rape she experiences after she almost moved on from the grief. Will she overcome the grief, or will the grief overcome her? Will her friends be able to help her out?

Character BIOS


Mary is a sporty, lively personality and a cheerleader until she loses her parent’s through a robbery on her birthday. From there on she changes completely, loses weight becomes quiet and low, moody and aggressive. She’s developing a mental illness after her parent’s death and becomes obsessed with the school consultant trough the illness.


Gina is arrogant, self confident cheerleader at the school, popular and known all over the town. She’s Mary’s and Stacy’s best friend at first but when Mary’s behaviour starts to change Stacy and Gina turn their back against her and leave her all alone in the bad condition, while laughing at her.


Stacy is a cool headed and kind personality. She’s the best friend of Gina and Mary. When Mary starts to change and become moody, she starts to behave arrogant and mean towards Mary. She’s a Cheerleader and the eye catcher within the three of them. She’s currently dating Aarons best friend Jake.


Aaron is proud and arrogant. He’s mostly considered as the King of the school. He’s sporty and team captain of the schools football team. His parents own ‘Walkies’ a fastfood restaurant where Mary’s going to work later on and where he’s going to make her life a living hell. He always had an eye on Mary, but no one knows about it.


Wally is the school consultant and holds classes for Mary, Pinkie, Luke and Max. He’s a psychologist and wise, knows how to get the truth out of everyone. He’s gentle and understanding. He looks older than he is, wears glasses and old school clothes. He permitted the 4 students to call him Wally but he’s normally Mr. Steward.


Pinkie is a little bit crazy when it comes to her look. She has pink hair and a unique outstanding style. She will become one of Mary’s new best friends during the therapy. She herself goes through a depression but she decides to help Mary out of her condition with the other 2 guys. She’s stubborn, but gentle and cool.

[MAX] [GENDER: MALE] [19-23]

Max is quiet and gentle most of the time, unless he’s within the closest people he knows. He’s one of Mary’s new best friends and helps Mary out as well. He’s victim of mock and attends the class to feel better about the mocking; this is where he met his new best friends.

[LUKE][GENDER: MALE] [19-23]

Luke is strong headed and nothing like gentle, altough he’s sitting on a wheel chair since he had a car accident a year ago. He’s attending the classes because he was forced to, due to his aggressive behaviour since the accident. Being in a new friends circle will make him cool down and help him to change.

[MOM] [GENDER: FEMALE] [30-40]

Mom will only appear in the first episode. She’s the mother of Mary and she seems to be pretty gentle and golden hearted. Mary’s family isn’t very rich, but they seem to manage their account.

[DAD] [GENDER: MALE] [30-40]

Dad will only appear in the first episode. He’s the father of Mary, he’s strong and proud, but his gentleness covers that. He likes to show off his pride, altough their financial status isn’t as high as he portraits it.

[JAKE] [GENDER: MALE] [18-23]

Jake is usually kind and understanding, but the influence of Aaron makes him change anytime he’s with him. When he’s alone, he’s pretty much a good listener but when he’s with aaron he becomes arrogant and cruel. He’s the boyfriend of Stacy.


Pauline is Aarons little sister and she visits him the hostel regulary. She’s a high school student in a school nearby, and she always talks to Mary at times. She loves glamour, but she’s humble.

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– Occupation
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– Why do you want to challenge yourself? How would a big cash prize change your life?
– Have you ever been on TV before? If so, what show(s) and air date(s)?

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