Cinematography and film making Jworld Academy


When a movie ends, long after the final credits roll, viewers are often left with a single shot or image in their head. In addition to the spoken lines and performances, many movies are made or broken on the merits of their cinematography and imaging. At the J-World Academy students learn the academic and professional skills necessary to be a director of photography who can create the unique visual language of a film, television show, or web series. Throughout their time our students will consistently work on their classmates’ productions with different directors. This hands-on and practical experience helps to prepare upon entering the film industry. On the first day of cinematography classes students will be behind the camera, receiving instruction from a faculty of successful and professional cinematographers. Our cinematography school’s curriculum blends academic theory with practical skills to equip students with the on-set knowledge they need to actually land a job in the competitive field of cinematography.

You will learn how to compile camera movements and different kinds of shots to create a perfect formed motion picture. You will practice working with creativity and imagination to express a story. In our course you will learn the functions of cameras, different kinds of shots and of course you will turn your knowledge into practice trough real film projects with other classmates. Develop your passion to the highest for you to be able to be called a professional cinematographer before even completing the course. J-World academy provides the best education for cinematography students.

Teens (13-19) 100k 6 Weeks, 150k 3 Months, 250k 6 Months, 450k 1 Year Beginner
Youth/Adults (20+) 100k 6 Weeks, 150k 3 Months, 250k 6 Months, 450k 1 Year Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced