Film school Lekki Lagos Nigeria – J-World academy.

J-World Academy is the right station for you to settle in if you’re interested in Music or Film. Here you can find all the suitable courses for music and film students. Our different courses and training programs provide the necessary knowledge to be able to make use of the skills a student gains during training. Our courses contains; Music Production for potential music producers, Sound engineering separately, Musical Instruments of your choice, Cinematography, Acting, Screenwriting, Film producing and film directing. Courses involve students in exciting projects, events, performances, competitions with other schools and festivals. Our school is located in a secure environment in lekki, offering accommodation for students from far distance in the official J-World Academy hostel. We offer classes for all ages; Kids, Teens, Youths and Adults. We teach offer deep education for youths and adults on the film and music industry, how to succeed in it, how to make money with film and music, how to promote, etc. We hand out verified diplomas and certificates after every course completion.

Go through the courses thoroughly: Before applying for admission, ensure you go through our courses/programs thoroughly to know exactly which one you will apply for.One Program Per Time: You can only choose one course/program during your session application and the grant you get for the course/program cannot be used for another course. Grants are non-transferable: If for any reason you are unable to attend the training after application, you cannot transfer the grant to someone else as the grant will be registered in your name.
Film school Lekki Lagos Nigeria – J-World academy.


Admission Information

  1. Review the Website:
    If you still have questions, please call us on 08063154192 or email us at We accept a maximum of 20 students each session so we suggest you apply well in advance to secure your spot.
  2. Schedule a Visit:
    You can also call us on 08063154192 or email to schedule a visit. Applying students who live far away or outside town and cannot come to the school prior to applying can schedule an interview via phone.
  3. Decision:
    Once you decide to attend J-World Academy, all that is left is to pick a date to start training with us. it is always advisable to reserve your seat well in advance.